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375 Ruger?

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An friend has a 375 Ruger that he has shot maybe 30 rounds through. Mauser action. I have a Model 70 375 H&H that, quite frankly, I don't shoot that much anymore but this guy is thinking about $400 and it is well finished, no problems, nice stock, etc, probably 99%.

I've noticed that there are quite a few 375 Rugers on internet sites just sitting there getting no bids....nothing! Anyone have any experience with this round? Good? Bad? If it were a 300 WM or 338 WM I'd snap it up.
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In rifles of equal weight, both firing 270gr bullets, the 375 Ruger is ~150fps faster than the 375H&H, for a whopping 5lbs difference, in recoil; about 13% more. It's hard to imagine that is going to be a real decision-maker, if you're in the market for such a powerful rifle. Like so many other "this, or that" discussions, there are probably several other factors that will be of more importance than the actual cartridge being chosen.

Also, I'm sure if you need a couple of boxes of ammo while you're in Africa, you'll be able to find it, with enough cash waving around.
Did you know??

That, in Weatherby factory ammo ballistics with 300 gr. bullets, the .375 Wby. hits harder and drops less from 150 yards on out than does the .378 Wby.??? :p

It's a B.C. thing is what it is. But, even at the muzzle, the .375 only lacks about 475 ft/lbs of equalling the .378's energy. ;)

A real man can take his pick hehe. :D
Unless you're talking about two different bullets being fired, this would be a wonder of modern ballistics! :eek:

Last I checked, if one gun fires a 300gr bullet at 2900fps and the other gun fires the same bullet at 3000fps, the second one will always be going faster and have more energy. Has Weatherby found a way of overcoming this basic application of physics? Might be some of that new math I heard about.
That's exactly what it is. ;)

Notice, I said, "Weatherby factory ammo ballistics with 300 gr. bullets".

They load the .375 Wby with the 300 gr. Partition with a B.C. that whoops up on the .378 Wby 300 gr. offerings.

It's not new math. It's old physics. :D
No fair doing the old apples n' oranges thing! ;)
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