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375 Ruger?

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An friend has a 375 Ruger that he has shot maybe 30 rounds through. Mauser action. I have a Model 70 375 H&H that, quite frankly, I don't shoot that much anymore but this guy is thinking about $400 and it is well finished, no problems, nice stock, etc, probably 99%.

I've noticed that there are quite a few 375 Rugers on internet sites just sitting there getting no bids....nothing! Anyone have any experience with this round? Good? Bad? If it were a 300 WM or 338 WM I'd snap it up.
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Suspect a lot of guys bought them not knowing the recoil...which is not bad IMHO, but certainly more than a 30-06 shooter is used to. After enjoying a few rounds and calcing the price of bullets and powder, they decide to sell the rifle.

I'd say the going price on line is between $550 and $600 for a good used one, so you're be getting a very good deal.

I bought an Alaskan (20" barrel), and am very impressed with the cartridge/rifle. The 23" African is a beautiful rifle, which cannot be said about the ALaskan.
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