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375 Ruger?

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An friend has a 375 Ruger that he has shot maybe 30 rounds through. Mauser action. I have a Model 70 375 H&H that, quite frankly, I don't shoot that much anymore but this guy is thinking about $400 and it is well finished, no problems, nice stock, etc, probably 99%.

I've noticed that there are quite a few 375 Rugers on internet sites just sitting there getting no bids....nothing! Anyone have any experience with this round? Good? Bad? If it were a 300 WM or 338 WM I'd snap it up.
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Magnumitis is correct ,I'll add few things though( 375 h+h I own and love)The 375 ruger fits in standard action the h+h magnum chamber.SO you can carry around the ruger in a lighter rifle.I'M not really sure thats a good thing felt recoil and all.But everybody is different,the h+h is about my limit to shoot comfortably off the bench with out a muzzle break.375 h+h amo can be found around the world.The difference in time it takes cycle a cartridges is measured in milliseconds...thats my 2 cents...I'm not trying discourage from buying it you can never have too many guns
I seriously doubt if you could even get ammo for that .375 - Ruger in Africa! Today we have become bombbarded with many new calibers but few will make the grade and stick around for another 40 or 50 years I suspect.

I have a .375H&H and the .375-Weatherby and to tell you the truth, I seldom ever shoot a 270 grain bullet out of either over the velocity of 2350fps. Now that .375-Wby will climb the ladder and when you push it above 2500fps, it does get real cantankerous in a big hurry.:eek:
Yeah she will bump you a bit(I have 375 h+h) I load mine with 270 gr tsx pushing around 2700fps.It basically has the same trajectory as 30 06 180gr sp.:)I love this load because in the area I hunt I can hunt bear,moose and sheep.Out to 400 yrds I'M confident I can bring home the bacon.THe beauty of this cartridge is you can load it up and down to your preference.Accuracy was a eye opener, the 1st time I shot it IT grouped almost as well as my 7mm mag
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