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FA18CUB said:
Just got my reply from Accurate Powders on the 1680 + 255 gr Barnes combo. They say that 35 or so grains of 1680 should give 2100 - 2150 fps from a 20" barrel!!! That sounds good to me. Now I just need to go load some up and put it over the chrono.


Are you loading the .375" or the .377" Barnes Original 255 grain bullet in your .375 Winchester?

I have a box of .377" that I bought to load in a Marlin 336CB Cowboy in 38-55 and would like to try them in my Marlin .375. It has micro-groove rifling and the groove diameter is .376".

Anyone forsee any problems in using the .377" bullet in a Marlin 375 or a Win BB94 375?


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