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I have a freind that has a marlin 336 in 375 winchester. He never uses it and was speculating on a conversion. Two questions arise:
1) When winchester originally brought the round out it created the big bore, beefed up frame, yet marlin used the existing 336 frame. Is the 336 generally up to the desired pressure rating or is the action beefed up in some other way. Meaning, could any recent manufacture 336 in 30-30 be converted to 375 win?
2) We discussed converting the 375 win marlin to 7mm international rimmed and useing 375 brass to form the cases. What kind of performance do you think could be accieved?  

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I'll have to apologize for having missed this post!  In reading this evening I found it.

As for modifications to the 336 Marlin action for the .375 Winchester:  As I recall, back then when they did that, they also came out with the .356 winchester which they dubbed the 336ER.  A few pre-production guns were also made in .307 Winchester as well.   When they came out, Marlin indicated that the guns underwent a different heat-treatment process, and that the recievers were harder, thus better withstanding the pressures of the higher intensity cartridges.

As to how much difference this makes in practical application, I can't say.  I would wager to say that performance of the 7mm International Rimmed, as you call it, would be on a par with the parent, 7mm International, but that you would be hindered in performance, at least long range performance by the necessity of using flat nosed bullets in the Marlin's tubular magazine.

As for me, I love those .375 Winchester chambered Marlins... if he decides to give it a makeover, I would rather see a .444 action reworked than one of the few .375's that were produced... but then again, that's just me!

God Bless,

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