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Been following the black-powder-steel-critter-shooters and there are a group of them trying to get the .38's to work...which would included longer/heavier/more pointed cast bullets in this bore size. Been ahving some luck with the idea, but will have to see the results of a couple of years shooting to be sure.

Believe the .375W would spin bullets of a reasonable flat nose/round nose shape of that weight. Would have to use up a good bit of case volume to have them work in a repeater (the BP shooters are single shot users who can throat the barrel a bit long, seat the bullets out, and retain powder volume).

Can't get heavy weights to work in my 38/55 Lever, but that's expected as the twist rate is a bit slow for anything over 280-300gr. (actually it's the length...but weight is an easier term).
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