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376 Steyr ???

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Whatever happened to the 376 Steyr round ? I always thought it looked great on paper and was going to build one until it kind of faded away. I decided not to because I was worried that loading components wouldn't be available ? HD1
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I would just go with a .375 Ruger. Fits in a standard 30-06 length action, and out performs the .375 H&H. You could even build you a .375 RUM or .378 Wby :D

Sorry I cant give you any info on the 376 though.
Now daze.....

.....I would go with the .375 Ruger.

The Steyr loading is dead and buried. You can still get brass at a few places so you could readily reload for the round,but it does not add anything to the velocity,reload ability,availability,or accuracy thang. Different.....yeah....if that's what you want. -----pruhdlr
I, too, was interested in the numbers from the .376. I waited to see how it would be received before building one from a Savage 110. I believe it was an attempt to get non-handloaders into a big bore rifle that would also work, with the lighter load, for deer (or similar) as well. Seems the idea, while good in theory, just wasn't practical enough for people to buy it. Personally I think two loads, 225gr and 270gr at the same velocity was a good idea, giving it a dual "personality". Guess I was
.375 Ruger would be nice in a custom rifle, by holy heck is the ammo expensive!! The Ruger Hawkeye african and alaskan rifles are also too light IMO for this hard kicking round.

I believe .376 brass is available from Lapua. I thought the cartridge was developed as a military round, for what application I don't know, perhaps as a medium range sniping round?

Hard to go past the .375H&H as a hunting round. It has been the bread and butter of countless African hunters since 1912.
The .375 Ruger in the Hogue stock is not that bad.
I have also seen a 375-350 Rem mag wildcat that I've always thought was interesting !!! HD1
another good one is the 338 win mag necked to 375.
another good one is the 338 win mag necked to 375.
That would be a good one!
another good one is the 338 win mag necked to 375.

It is called the .375 Durham Magnum

The .375 Durham Magnum is the .338 Win Mag case necked up to .375 with a 35 degree shoulder angle to provide a very fine short .375 Mag cartridge with an overall length suitable for use in the standard actions. Balistics are practically the same as the standard .375 H&H Mag. The following loads were developed in a 20 inch barrel with a 14 inch twist.

235 grain bullet and 82gr H380 for 2825 fps
270 grain bullet and 80 gr H380 for 2725 fps
300 grain bullet and 78 gr H380 for 2580 fps

Standard twist 12 inches

I believe this info came from Ackley's book.
Nice looking cartridge and short enough for standard length actions. I'll have to take look at that one !!! I'll bet the 375/350 mag probably doesn't offer much more bang than the 375-06 Imp. anyway . HD1
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