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Thanks everyone,

<style></style>It looks like I fixed the problem, I set the .38 WC deeper (flush with case mouth) and roll crimped the rest of rounds I had previously loaded. Shot great today, only shot 20 rounds but they all fired and bullets all made it down range. I think the problem was the primer was pushing the bullet out of the case mouth before the powder ignited. I also noted slightly more recoil, I think this will be a good load. I will stick with the Fed. mag primers and keep a close eye on things.
Another look at the hollow base of the Precision Delta wad cutters shown them to be clean and free of lube, so I can't fault the bullets, just my loading technique.

Well, now I know how to load wad cutters, and I learned quite a bit in the process; lots of good feedback and I am sure more that a few others learned also.
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