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What is the best .38spl load for general woods carry it's a .4in barrel and its +p rated.
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again i think what matters most is finding that sweet rnd that you can do your best eastwood imitation with.. my accurracy with 150 grn winchester special ammo is by far better than with 158 grn ..
it just fits my 4 inch special an myself.. i set up 3 junk cd disk at 20 yrds the other day.. pull an shoot just using the front sight as i would if in a real hurry..
hit all three..
now im no handgun specialist or nothing .. its just the right rnd for me an that special.. gun will take +p but i wouldn t have hit one of the disk with that..
its really taught me just how much better a hit with a standard special rnd is ,,than a miss with a super powered rnd of some sort..jmo slim
ps.. your sweet rnd will be different than mine probabably..good luck
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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