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What is the best .38spl load for general woods carry it's a .4in barrel and its +p rated.
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The hard cast DEWC sold here by Beartooth or the one by Oregon Trails would be your best bet. Here is max load info I have found for Unique and a solid wc
Speer #13 does list Unique in .38 Spl, using 4.5 - 5.1 grains, but only with a BBWC,
Not with a HBWC.
Those loads were tested in a S&W Model 14.
You will get excellent penetration with a hard cast 148 grain DEWC even at modest velocities.
Here is standard presure 150 grain hard cast wad cutter from Buffalo Bore standard pressure Hard Cast Wad Cutter.html
That was out of a 1 7/8 inch barrel - even a standard pressure load out of your four inch gun will penetrate well over two feet and the business end of the bullet, the meplat, is max on a wad cutter which is why it will out perform the 158 grain SWC when it comes to terminal performance. Again, the hard cast wadcutters sold here from Buffalo Bore or the hard cast wad cutter from Oreon Trails aka "Laser Cast" are excellent choices even at modest velocitiyof say 1,000 fps in your gun. Less recoil, more accurate, excellent penetrtation, and devestating terminal performance due to max meplat. Try 5 grains of Unique and you should be well over 1,000 fps and be getting around three feet of penetration. That will work for sure. I often lnk this article "Wicked Wadcutters" as it clearly shows why the 148 grain hard cast wad cutter is such a beautiful bullet - in this case the 148 grain Laser Cast
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By the way even though im part of this sight bullets will be bought from missouri bullet company. Sorry but they're excellent quality awesome price and they're close to home won't find more bang for your buck anywhere else.
Missouri Bullets are good quality at a great price - if you are shooting paper they are a good choice. Mr. Missouri bullet makes a soft DEWC around 8 or 10 BHN so it will not penetrate. The do make some 16 BHN bullets but do not have any LBT bullets - I believe they will discover the meplat someday but if you want "excellent bullets" you would buy Beartooth - if you hunt or are interested in self defense then you would want to go with Beartooth and a LBT bullet with max meplat. Beartooth bullets are heat treated to 21-22 BHN - Mr. Missouri Bullet did say he would name his "Double Wide" after me - name would fit on many levels so I would be honored.
1 - 3 of 22 Posts
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