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What is the best .38spl load for general woods carry it's a .4in barrel and its +p rated.
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For a 158gr. lead bullet:

This currently published +P (MAP 20,000 psi) load pushes close to 1,000 fps in a 4" revolver.
This one loads smoother than a SWC or WC

I am not a fan of wad cutters. To hard to load in a cylinder with arthritic hands. My all purpose load is a 158 gr SWC ahead of 5 gr Unique. I think someone above liked this load too. You will have to try several loads till you find the one that shoots to point of aim for your gun. I use the same bullet as a general load in my 357 mag also. Makes life simple.
Highlighted point:

IMHO: Marshall's 160gr. FN (WFN actually) gives the best balance of wide meplat and easy speed loading in this bullet weight:
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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