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What is the best .38spl load for general woods carry it's a .4in barrel and its +p rated.
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Wow, for such a mediocre cartridge, this is a heck of a response!

The .38 Spcl is a favorite of mine. I am down to one .38, a J frame M36/3" but it's the gun I take to places where I don't need to stop a grizzly. It is very accurate, has plenty of snot for 'yotes, or porcupines where they are a problem, and "bad intruders".

I load a 160gr hard cast LSWC over a dose of Unique/Herco for 800fps.

Shooting a couple fair sized raccoons from end to end for fur, recovered HP's in the 125/140gr range do not show much expansion. Yes a 40lb racoon shot head on, can stop a .38 most of the time. On the other hand, thet were dead on the spot ;)
My Lee 125gr cast WW run about 132gr! Loaded with good dose of Unique run alittle over 1000fps out of my BH 7.5"! Good for everything except wolves and bear!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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