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.40 Cal Re-Loading Setup - NEW GUY HERE

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#1: What is a good jacketed 165gr. plinking round that can be purchased in bulk cheaply?

#2: Any good powder suggestions?

#3: Suggested charge weight for 165gr. plinking rounds?

#4: Primer suggestions?

The rounds will be shot from a Glock 23 and 22. I was forced to get the Redding G-Rx Die to resolve the bulging issue with Glock fired brass, but it was certainly worth the expense. Since I am brand new to reloading and kind of "self teaching," I could certainly use good advice. Thanks a ton! :D
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#1: These work good:

#2: I use Bullseye with good results and it's economical to shoot

#3: 4.5 grains of Bullseye is the load I use

#4: Any small pistol primer works fine, buy what you can get
I have only loaded 180gr loads, but I like to use plated bulelts, Berrys Mfg in general. They are generally cheaper than jacketed bullets but are a little better than lead to use in Glocks.
I use Berry's plated 165g over 5.2g HP-38 or Win231
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