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.40 W/ Bullseye

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Hello All.

I am new to the forum and see there are a lot of people on here with good info. I am starting into reloading and trying to be as safe as possible, Reading books, internet, Ect. I own a few reloading books but have yet to find a recipe and OAL for my bullet and powder. Anybody experienced with .40?
Bullet- 180 Grn. Horndy FMJ FP
Powder- Bullseye
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I shoot scads of .40's loaded with 165 and 180 grain jacketed, plated and cast lead bullets out of a Sig P229 pistol and a Ruger P4 carbine, using 4.5 grs. of Bullseye with any of them. Works great.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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