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I was interested in loading the 405gr. WLNDCG bullet
in my 7.5" Ruger Super Redhawk.I plan on using CCI 350
LPMP, Winchester brass and W296/H110 powder.Several posts have suggested 17.5 gr. of W296
as a starting point.Has anyone done any pressure and/or velocity studies with this load.Is 17.5 gr equal to
40,000 cup @1200fps, etc ? What is the useful powder  range of this load (e.g. 17-18 grains of W296)? I am looking for a maximum performance load, but I am reluctant to experiment based on my past experience of seeing no signs of pressure even when I was well above
the published maximum powder charge.The 405 grainer
in particular has no loading data, so I am reluctant to
try for max power without some insight from people
(especially marshall) who have actually loaded this bullet
many times.Any and all comments would be welcome.Don't hesitate to be descriptive and thorough.
Also, I am open to using a different primer or powder.I am sure I am not alone when I ask for details on this
particular Rhino stomper.Thanks
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