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I'd love to try some of the 405 grain Beartooth bullets in my Marlin Outfitter in 444. What tools will I need for turning the case necks? Can anyone here explain this process to me? Is it worth the trouble? What kind of velocities can I expect from the 18.5 in barrel of my 444P. Thanks

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WV Shooter,

Using the .432-405g WLNGC bullet in your .444P, I would recommend using RL-7

BTB .432"-405g WLNGC/44.8g RL-7/WLRP/Rem Brass/1874 fps

Now this velocity is from an original .444S with 22" barrel.   I haven't chronographed this bullet in the .444P as of yet.

I inside neck ream the cases to a depth equal to the depth of protrusion by the bullet into the case.   The case walls taper quickly in the .444, and although I have heard of folks using this bullet without reaming the cases, I have always found it necessary.   It doesn't take that long once you get your case trimmer set up for reaming them, it is just a matter of a few seconds per case to accomplish the task.

This is a LOT of bullet for the .444.   It will stabilize nicely in your quicker twist of the .444P.  The truth is, I've never used this bullet in the field!  Never seen the need for it in my application of the .444.   It seems to be past the point of positive gain in the performance envelope, and well into the realm of diminishing returns when the velocity loss from that big hunk of lead is taken into account.  

However, if you need extreme penetration.... the giant bears, close range moose, wooly mamoths, mastadons..... bet you'll get all you need!

God Bless,  hope this answers a few questions.

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