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Looking for the receipe for shotshells for the 41 mag. Had it once, think lean wolf gave it to me but put it someplace I woundent loose it. Havant seen it since. Coundent find it on the forum after the crash. This Alzheimers is great , everyday all these new places and all the new people (wife had comment about the skirted ones)(oh well). Any way if somebody can help me out again with the receipe will post it on the outhouse wall so I dont loose it again.

Gun Runner :confused:

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I saw this on another forum so I grabbed for you:


A couple of days ago I posted a question about the recipe for a 41 Mag shot load for snakes and small game. Could not find my old one.

I recreated the approach:

1) Size the brass and bell the case as per normal.

2) Prime with Winchester large pistol primers.

3) Weigh 6.0 grains of Herco into each case. A slightly shortened WCC 9mm case would make an OK dipper.

4) Start a gas check into the case. I used Lyman gas checks in "cup up" orientation. I used the seating punch for semi wadcutters from a 357 die set set as low as possible. This did not push the check all the way to the powder, so I finished seating the gas checks with a spent 223 case still having a fired primer in place. Tamped it down with very light blows from the wooden handle of a medium screw driver.

5) Fill the space to the top of the case with #11 shot. This averaged 145 grains of shot. Actually quite a large shot payload in comparison to shot capsules. (Which I'd use if they were available for the 41 Magnum ... as they make pretty good patterns with #9 shot.)

6) Reset the seating plug much further up and push a gas check (again "cup up") into the case just far enough so that its top edge is exactly level with the case mouth. I then rotated the seating plug out of the way and crimped the case. This holds the check in place. Now the die can be located so that it crimps fully, and the seating plug gently lowered to just just hit the seated check.

The die is now set to allow seating and crimping of the top gas check in one operation.

When fired from a 6" barrel, the primers look fine ... and the pattern destroys a coke can at 5 paces or so. Looks like the pattern is dense enough to put small game in the pot at 10 paces. At 15 paces the pattern is so large and thinly populated that killing anything would be very "iffy."

Hope others have a little fun with these!


And a reply:

"back when I owned a .41mag and lived in southern snake country I made similer loads but used a cut down 410 plastic shot cup, worked great for snakes. "

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Gun Runner, my recipe isn't too much different in the .41 Mag. shotshell departement than that posted by Twillis, except I use 8.0 grs. of Unique, and #10 shot.

Also, I don't use the gas checks. I take an empty, deprimed .41 Mag. case, some poster board, and hammer, and use the case to cut out some wads.

Then I prime with L.P.Primers, put in the 8.0 grs Unique, then seat a wad over the powder.

Then I fill the case nearly to the top with the #10 shot. Another wad over that, crimp, and then put some Elmer's White Glue over that, to seal. Let stand for 12 hours and you're ready for whatever.

BTW, I shoot my shotshells from my Mdl. 57 Smith. Works great.

Best of luck.


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Lean Wolf, thanks for the reply. Joel B had told somebody about using the bottom part of the thread to get those that werent showing. Shure enough tried it and it worked and found your other post to me. like my favorite saying goes "When all else fails try reading the Instructions, when that fails try Following the instructions. Thanks again for posting it for me. Got it written on the outhouse wall so I wont loose it again. :D

Gun Runner
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