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I have 4 Rugers single actions in .41 mag, so maybe I'm biased. The .41 mag will get it done on deer to any reasonable range that you would use a revolver for. The .41 mag is an excellent round that gives up very little to the .44 when loaded equally. The recoil with full power factory ammunition is a bit less with the .41 making it more pleasant to shoot than the .44 in equal weight handguns. The only downside to the .41 is that it does not have the vast offering of factory ammunition that the .44 does, but there are enough offerings for what you want to do. If you are a handloader, you can load the .41 to levels beyond the performance level of most factory .44 ammunition if you desire. Which revolver are you looking at that has a 7.5" barrel? I'm only aware of the discontinued Bisley and the limited-run Blackhawk Hunter having 7.5" barrels. The standard Blackhawk comes in 4 5/8" and 6 1/2" In summary, the 41 will get it done!
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