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The .41 Mag commands a small but fanatic loyal following. My old 3-screw Blackhawk (unmodified) with 6 1/2" bbl gets fed either 170 gr Hornady JHP's over 11.3 gr of IMR4756 and CCI std primer, or the 232 gr SWGC, 19.0 gr IMR4227 and the Win std primer. With the addition of smooth simulated ivory grips, the pistol just rocks in the hand and felt recoil is moderate. Only animal falling to it was a 13 13/16ths" mountain lion. Big ol' bugger that had been munching on a friend's calf crop. Put paid on him with the Hornady JHP's and 2 lung shots.

With this handgun, I feel no need to acquire any larger or more potent ones. It's accuracy and power is perfectly suitable for my type of useage.
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