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I second what kciH had to say about the .41 Mag. I have a Blackhawk with the 6 1/2" barrel and a M657 with a 3" barrel, the first for hunting and the second is my traveling companion. I just obtained one of the new Marlin M1894FG carbines, and mine seems to like shooting both lead and jacketed bullets in the 210-215 grain range - it didn't like the 170 grain WW ST at all. The only 7 1/2" barrel Ruger in .41 Mag I have heard about lately is the Blackhawk Hunter. My dealer told me yesterday that Accusport is about to obtain a run of Bisley Grip Stainless Steel Blackhawks with 5 1/2" barrels in the .41 mag. That ought to be a fine handgun. Odessa
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