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I recently recieved my fathers estate and tucked away he has a box of 25 Shotgun Shells .410 m-35, from Western Cartridge Co.

The box is in pretty bad shape, but im pretties sure they are my great grandfathers, who was military, and I have no clue what firearm they are for and I am looking for more answers. I am not sure what I plan on doing with them, but firing them is NOT on the list.

Please Hive Mind, help me. View attachment 105297
They are probably Brass, but some .410 shotsells were made from Aluminum although they were not intended for reloading. Brass shells were popular for a time as paper shells could swell under high humidity or if they got wet. Brass shotgun shells somewhat fell out of favor but are still used quite extensively in Cowboy shoots.

Nothing overly special about them, but a neat find nonetheless.
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