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Well here is my standard CZ550 Safari Classic chambered in .416 Rigby.

I purchased the rifle from HPGS for less than A$1,500. It arrived at AFRO408's play pen prior to my PTA. We both opened it together and checked the bedding. All was good with the correct bearing surfaces abutting wood in the furniture and ample space behind the tang so that no splits would occur there. I have read of CZ bedding horrors so time will tell if all is right with this rifle.
There are two very thin cross bolts in the stock. Neither are 90 deg to the stock but will do the job. There was some slight upward pressure from the forend which I will leave alone at this stage. I will only modify it, if hand load accuracy is unsatisfactory.
For scope mounting I ordered a Recknagel roll off ring set from Graeme Spraggon and A$225 later it arrived at home. It looks quite 'funny' but has the benefit of offsetting the scope to the rear. Being a full magnum length action, any extra latitude in mounting the scope is welcomed. I stole the idea for their use from Tilleyman :eek:nya:

When the PTA arrived I went to pick it up and Tony quickly adjusted the set trigger to an initial pull of 3lb. I can still use it set, but never will.
It takes four rounds down in the magazine despite the factory saying it only takes three.
The stock is quite 'chunky' but adds to the weight and the recoil pad is solid rubber and good enough for the job. Feeding and chambering with factory ammo is very smooth and I have used a heavy viscosity 'Tetra' lubricant for the bolt. It is control feed (of Course) and I can't place a round in the chamber and then close the bolt over it. Feeding must come from the magazine.
The only factory ammunition I could get are Hornady 400 grain DGS (Solids). I wanted two boxes so Tamworth Firearms ordered in ten. If you want Hornady .416 Rigby factory solids you will have to go to Tamworth.
I decided that all range testing and load development should be done standing up and luckily my Spotlighting rig allows that to be done with a bean bag placed on top of the platform.

The Express sights on the CZ 550 were placing POI 6" off to the left out to 75 yards. The factory front sight is miniscule so I have ordered a white fluro front replacement sight from Brownells which is 6.5mm high. This is the same height as the factory sight. I will adjust the express sights after it is in place.
I then placed on the Recknagel roll off mounts with custom leupold 1-4x20 scope with #4 reticle.
It took me five rounds to be 2" high at 100 yards. Three rounds into 1.760" wasn't bad I thought for a 4x scope with thick crosshairs. Good enough for me.
Load development will follow as I collect more empty brass. I was starting to feel the recoil after about 7 rounds. At least this will let me get away two, three shot groups while load testing before having to call it quits. :htfu: The recoil certainly is cumulative. I only had on a thin Polo shirt and will wear a thicker coat next time. I cracked off one shot without hearing protection and it is the weirdest sound. A huge 'Whoof' followed by an ear splitting 'Crack'. The rounds sure do motor off down the range.
Load development will follow.
Here are some rounds to compare:
.243W .416 Rigby 9.3x62 7x57
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