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416 rigby

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how do you keep the scope out of your face while bench testing a cz 416 with 400 gr. barnes xlc's @ 2500 fps ?
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I'll second the motion on the scopes with long eye releif, they are absolutely essential on these big guns, and the comments concerning what many would consider low magnification, and applicability of range to your .416 are right on the money.

Another suggestion I'll add, is the addition of a 25 lb. bag of shot placed between your shoulder and the rifle. The dead weight of the shot not only deadens the felt recoil from you rifle, enhancing better trigger control and concentration on the target, it also largely tames the violent and sudden rearward bucking of these big boomers, thus alleviating the tendency to receive a case of "magnum eyebrow" when bench shooting these big magnums.

I like to enjoy shooting my rifles, not going out for an endurance lesson, and the shot bag helps me aviod developing a flinch when shooting these guns off the bench.

As aptly observed in an earlier post, when shooting from a standing position, such as you will most likely be doing with a dangerous game rifle in the field, the body will roll with the recoil, and you'll likely never be bothered by it if you have one of the suggested scopes with a longer than average eye releif.

God Bless,

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