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416 rigby

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how do you keep the scope out of your face while bench testing a cz 416 with 400 gr. barnes xlc's @ 2500 fps ?
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Definately go with the Leupold line and low powered scopes. I have a 1.75-6x on the No. 1 416 Rigby and a 1.5-5x on the M77 .416 Rigby. Plenty of eye relief on both and lets be perfectly honest here, if you need more power than 5x on most any big game arm, you are shooting at game way too far away. I have shot my .416s out to 500 yards with no probems, sure you might have to go to a bigger bullseye, say 8", but any game you are going to be hunting with a .416 Rigby will have a kill zone of at least that much.
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