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416 rigby

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how do you keep the scope out of your face while bench testing a cz 416 with 400 gr. barnes xlc's @ 2500 fps ?
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What we have done for the hard kickers is make up a leaning bench. you can see these in Greeners book The Rifle and its Development and some other books I cant think of right at the moment. It a "U" shaped bench at standing height, keeps you verticle and lets you rock with the punch
(you need to lean slightly into the rifle). You can shoot very well standing and take a lot more recoil than sitting. Our first one was of PVC and anchored to the ground with rebar. the second of 4 X 4's, not really as satisfactory.
If you look at the old pictures of Elmer Keith and others shooting big guns like the .50 caliber bolt actions etc. they are shooting over the top of a car or off the hood of a truck.
Mike G is spot on with lower power scopes and a good pad or coat, helps keep your mind clear for tha task at hand!
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