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My original work on a .416 cartridge for mini actions had some development problems. If I stuck to .416 I was going to have to ream the case necks, and the best suited actions are tied up in import regulations. A bullet diameter drop to .411 that I wrote of sometime ago solved the first problem, but the second persists.

In the meantime both divisions of Winchester collaborated on a new class of cartridges and rifle actions the WSSMs. These new products provided me with a new path to developing a big game round for an even more compact bolt action than the normal short action.

The .416 TAS has been redesigned with the WSSM case as its parent, and while at it I did the .358 TAS also. Drawings are to follow when I can get them scaned, since I can not save from the design program in a post friendly format. Early and conservative specs are below:

.416 TAS * .358 TAS
COL 2.400" * COL 2.400"
Case 1.667 * Case 1.667
BTB .416 335 * Speer 220 FP
54.7 gr water * 53.4 gr water
20" barrel * 20" barrel
50k cup * 50k cup
48 gr Benchmark * 48.3 3031
2126 fps * 2475 fps

These cartridges are more powerful than my original target, but the M70 WSSM Featherweight is a better and more accessable platform than available for the .411 TAS.

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