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I agree with kciH on the scope. A low to medium power, say 1.5-5x or 1.75-6x Vari-X III Leupold has great clarity, brightness and eye relief. I use both of these scopes and really, of the two, prefer the 1.5-5x. Not for any real reason, just because it looks better on a DGR.

The Leupolds are rugged and should not have any problems withstanding the recoil generated by the 416. I've had them on 338's, 8mm Mags, 300 Mags, and one 416 Rigby. Never had a problem with scope quality and have never been cut.

On heavy recoiling rifles, I really prefer a classic styled stock. I believe Ruger's design is the best I've used, so far. Granted you can really go custom and get one that has some cast to it, but affordable wood or synthethic, the classic design like Ruger's wood or McMillan's synthetic is hard to beat.
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