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I put a Leupold 1.5x5 Vari-X III with Warne bases & rings on my Mark X .458 Win Mag. This is 5+ inches of eye relief!

Very happy with it, there is so much eye relief that I could slide the scope forward till the rear bell was at the back of the ring. So it can't slip, and isn't likely to whack me in the head either.

The Warne rings & bases appear to be well made, and both rings take recoil, like a dual-dovetail, but I have the advantage of the whole setup being quick-detach.

This is also a fairly light scope with a 20mm front objective, and I can tell you from using it at night it works surprisingly well. For me the best combination of brightness/clarity was about the middle of the power range, when hunting at night with moonlight or very minimal lighting.
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