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416 What? how about another idea

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Somebody fill me in on that 416 cal thats a necked down 4570. Who does it and are reamers available as a stock item?
   As a random thought, how about a 450 marlin necked to 375? Of course you would use a standard belt like from a 458 win.      lets build on that and speculate performance
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Armedfree...There are some interesting wildcats made up on a .444 Marlin necked down to .375, but I don't know if they would be too long to feed in 336 actions. One that I' interested in is called .416x2" American ( Clymer reamer 10.6x51), which is .264 Win, .300 Win, .458 Win brass cut to 2" using the same side taper. I am familar with the .457x2" American. It's a real powerhouse in 2" case...and I think to idea behind .450 Marlin. I don't have the specs on the .450 Marlin, but I bet, if necked to .416" it would be close to the .416x2" American. O.A."Tony" Winters did the design of this .416 and called it 10.6x51 or .40x2". it looks like it was made for cast bullets. The ideal barrel length is 22' (Expansion Ratio of 13)
Some of his loads are:
270 gr CCB - 51 grs 4198 @ 2414 fps
300 gr CCB - 49 grs 4198 @ 2332 fps
He did some work with 330 gr and 400 gr CCB bullets with N201, but the case looks like it's made for IMR 3031 and RE7. The case holds 60 grains of water @ base of bullet, works out to approx 51.5 grs of IMR. The case has the same side wall taper as the parent cases listed, therefore no fireforming needed. RCBS made his dies, so I'm sure the reamers are still available. This wildcat might be made on the .450 Marlin?
Best Regards from The Hammock.....James

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Had a friend that made a 458X2 inch on a Mauser action. It was a wonderful cartridge for deer and such here in Virginia.
I'm curious as to why there could not be a 416X2.25 inch or some such. Am I limited by the length of the action? I'm assuming that I'd use a standard length action.
Arkypete...The .458x2" and .416x2" can go on a short action. The 458x2" has been put on a Win 94 BB. Since the .458 Wincheater case  is 2.5", what you would be doing is spliting the difference. The 2.5" case would fit a standard Mauser, etc., but so would the 2" case. I just wonder if you would gain anything either way with a 2.25" case. Reamers and dies are already available for the 2" and the cost for special reamers and dies have gone through the roof.
Best Regards from the Hammock....James
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