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As Fireplug stated, the 416 WSM was brought up on several sites. I asked the same question about 2 years ago on the ShortMags site, when I was in the process of building a 416 cal rifle. At least one rifle has been chambered for it and the info posted on ShortMags.

I went with the 416 Taylor because the all the components were already in place and "cheap" from custom reamers, dies, etc.

I think it is one of those calibers that is overlooked in this country for many reasons, like the 8mm has been. Something about the "30 cal" mind lock, "hurt me" factor, "African caliber", "if you want a big one, get a 45-70" to name a few reasons.

I looked at the BC and SD of the 416 cal, liked the numbers, and went with it instead of a 44 or 45 cal.

My Taylor can be loaded with 300 to 400 gr bullets, from 2000 to 2700+ f/s. Yes, at the higher ranges it will whack you a good one, but no more so than my 45-70 loaded up, and it holds its velocity much better at longer ranges because of the much higher bullet BC's.

There is even a 416/450 Marlin out there to think about. Loaded COL of 3.00" gives about 65 net grains of H2O, 350 gr at 2100 f/s, but the woods are full of good cases to use, are used or have been used.

A good squint and any of the newer software programs can give you lots of numbers to play with and get the juices running and the fantasies going full steam. My heart condition won't let me use my programs very often, nor will my pocket book. :D

In this day and age, anyone can design a cartridge and have it named for who or whatever they want. I LOVE THESE TIMES.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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