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416 B&M

In reply to the original thread to "loader". Loader I have been working with something similar to the 416 WSM for since the beginning of the year. I call it the 416 B&M. I am not a forum type guy, but once and awhile I will check around. My 416 B&M is a 300 RUM cut to 2.250, and squeezed down to 416. I end up trimming the case to 2.240. My rifles are Winchester M70s WSM actions with 20 inch barrels. In general I can shoot 400 gr bullets at 2325-2350 fps--350 gr bullets at 2450 fps--325 gr bullets at 2500 fps and 300s at over 2600 fps with no issues of pressure at all. SSK Industries has built all my rifles, I also have a .500 version and 458 version.
I call the .500 a 50 B&M and the 458 B&M. I leave in the morning to head out to Africa to give the rifles and cartridges a good workout. I have these listed over on ammoguide in more detail if you ever want to take a look. I think I have a couple of loads listed on this site too, but it has been a long time. My B&M case is just a bit larger than what a WSM case would be and is equal to 416 Taylor. I have 416 Taylor and Remington and Rigby--they are just much bigger guns. The B&M rifles come in 5-6 inches shorter and a pound or two lighter than most. In the future if anyone would like more info or just to chat let me know, [email protected]. However I will be out of touch until the first of December.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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