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It would be an interesting round. The 2200+ fps you cite with a 400 gr bullet seems reasonable when comparing to the 416 Taylor. I'm getting solid 2350 fps numbers with 400 grainers using RL-15, and 2600 fps arena using 300 grainers, although I don't see much utility in this bullet weight for the cartridge unless just practicing.

One of the reasons that Winchester didn't go with a 338 WSM was because they couldn't duplicate or beat 338 WM performance (velocity) in the WSM case (at least with 225+ gr bullets) because of OAL limitations in the rifles, so they chose the 325 (8mm). Using a rifle with a longer magazine, I don't have much doubt that Taylor-type performance could be achieved with the WSM case.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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