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4227 in .45 Colt Rifle Loads

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Hello to all, & Happy Thanksgiving! A while back I bought some of Marshall's 280GR WFNGC Sledghammers & he gave me a recommendation with this powder, but I don't remember the min-max charge weights. I'm thinkin he went up to 23 or 24grs max. Has anyone used this powder/bullet combo? I could use a little feedback. BTW, I'm using a Puma '92-20", and an Armi San Marco '92-24". Thanx for the help. jjd45
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Thanx Rocky, I'll do that.
243Dave........there is no longer an "H" version Dave. All we have now is the IMR version. I'm told that Hodgdon, who is the company offering it, regards them as one in the same. I understand it's now made in either Canada or Australia for Hodgdon, & has been colored to look like H to mollify the former H4227 users. jjd45
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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