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4227 in .45 Colt Rifle Loads

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Hello to all, & Happy Thanksgiving! A while back I bought some of Marshall's 280GR WFNGC Sledghammers & he gave me a recommendation with this powder, but I don't remember the min-max charge weights. I'm thinkin he went up to 23 or 24grs max. Has anyone used this powder/bullet combo? I could use a little feedback. BTW, I'm using a Puma '92-20", and an Armi San Marco '92-24". Thanx for the help. jjd45
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I've also used both with similar result. H4227 has been around for a long time. I've had excellent results with it, although I think it burns a little on the dirty side. Magnum primers have helped a bit with this. IMR4227 works well in my 38sp, 357, 44sp, 44mag and 45LC. I use it in my .44mag puma 92 when I can't get No9.
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