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I know the .44 mag and the .44 Special are interchangeable in both rifles and revolvers, but are the .44-40 and the .44 Special interchangeable? What, if any, is the difference in the size of the .44 mag and the .44-40?

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Timberwolf ;)

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Hi, Timberwolf:
The .44-40 Winchester is a bottleneck case and isn't interchangable with the .44 Magnum or .44 Special. Base diameter is .469" compared to the other .44's .456". The case is a bit longer than the .44 Magnum. It was first chambered for the 1873 Winchester rifle and loaded with Black Powder.

It's oddball offspring, the .38-40 has a .40 calibre bullet, unlike the other .38s like the .38 Special which uses .357 bullets.

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