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I'd suggest saving them for sale at a later date, or putting them on an auction block!  Yes, they are great, accurate and reliable rounds, but very destructive, to the point of being distateful on edible critters, and you'll find that the penetration factor, due to their extremely wide expansion, will be very shallow in most all instances.  Often times this shallow penetration will not even reach the vitals on a whitetail if the shot angle is anything other than classic broadside.

I certainly wouldn't even consider them for hogs of any description due to the reasons listed above.   That ammo has been discontinued for several years now, and should be worth some collector value in a few more years if the boxes are in new condition and all cartridges are present.  Save them to sell later!

For hunting get yourself a good, wide meplat bullet of BHN 19-21 and enjoy the best game performance possible out of your .44 Magnum!

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at a gun show in pocatello in March they were asking 35 bucks a box for the talons.  do as suggested, sell them and buy some corbons or blackhills or any other major hunting cartridge if you don't reload. I think you will be much happier with the results.

good shooting
jon t
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