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44 mag twist rate

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marlins twist from what i've read is 1 in 38 anyone know what rossi spins theirs at?
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When Ruger introduced the first Ruger Auto in the early 1960's they used a 1 in 38" twist (as so many 44WCF's had done). It functioned well enough for the time and everyone followed suit. After all, it was a "woods" cartridge and folks don't need "that much" accuracy. And so it remained until Ruger brought out the 77 and 96 in .44 with a faster twist (1 in 20 or 22" I think), but the mindset had been well engrained and 1 in 38" it remains.

If that doesn't hurt your head enough, remember that Ruger had brought out their first handguns in .44 mag in 1956 with a rifling twist of 1 in 20" and were proven very accurate. Now, please explain why this proven technology was not carried over into a long gun from the same company five years later...!? ...I'm waiting...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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