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.44 Super Redhawk 7.5": Can It Hunt Elk?

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With extra heavy loads, is a .44 bullet shot from a Super Redhawk 7.5" barrel enough to hunt elk effectively? I know rifles are better, but for a handgun is a Super Redhawk with that barrel and caliber sufficient to hunt elk with some reasonable success if I shoot straight enough and accurately enough?
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Handguns don't kill elk; people do! If you hunt with a 44 Magnum like you would with a Matthews compound bow.
If you shoot a Hoyt, (it's good for at least 10yds farther :) )

If you hunt elk with a bow, I have, you immediately know you have distance issues that you compensate for with hunting skills. That incredibly boring "shot placement" thing is very real.

If you know your elk movements, and shoot well enough to land a bullet where it kills at the ranges you will take a shot, the .44M from a handgun or rifle is legitimate and effective.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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