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I just had a crazy idea for a 44 wildcat. It would be based on a 454 casull case necked down to 44 caliber. Would this be possible. Could a pistolsmith convert a Ruger super redhalk, making a custom 5 shot cylinder? This would seem to be the ultimit 44 caliber cartridge, kind of a 44 casull. Just an idea, could it work,or would it be more trouble than its worth.

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Bottleneck type cartridges in revolvers tend to cause problems with headspace and can at times back out and tie up the cylinder depending on the design of the case.

Although it's entirely feasible especially with the Casull case having the ability to withstand higher pressures than say a 44 mag case.

I myself would opt for the 445 SuperMag in a revolver if you were interested in more velocity in the .429 bullet diameter. It's still a straightwalled case without the attending headspacing concerns.

As you can see, anything is possible. You simply have to assess if it is worth doing from both a performance and cost standpoint.

Regards, Ray
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