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Marshall, your post about filing back the cartridge stop on the 1894 Marlin was interesting. I have two Win M94's that were picky about COL , your tip also works on Winchesters. They both feed flawlessly .( a 44-40 and a 357/44 Bain&Davis)
I now can use a .358/180 and .430/240 silgc from RCBS.
Has anyone tried it with the .444 or 45-70 Marlins? I believe Wild West Guns just trimed the 45-90 back .190/.195" to make their .457 Magnum.
In the 9th edition of Mr Barnes Cartridges of The World he mentions that the 1895 Marlins were chambered for the 45-90 Win from 1895 to 1936. Did Marlin change the dimentions so that the longer 45-90 wouldn't fit?
Any coments/questions greatly appreciated.
Just think of the potential with extra powder capicity in either cartridge.
I've ordered several rounds of 45-90 Starline brass and have been talking to a friend who is a gunsmith. He seems to like the idea of experamenting with both. (I have a customized 444SS already) now we are waiting for the new 1895 Cowboy to be available.

God Bless
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