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Just to add a little fuel to the fire on the JDJ cartridges in a Marlin Lever Action:

Last year I stumbled across the .375 JDJ in a load manual and began wondering how this would perform in a rechambered Levergun.  I contacted SSK by e-mail and asked if this would be possible.  JD Jones wrote me back and quoted a price of $650.00 to convert a Marlin .444 to .375 JDJ.  He cautioned that if the project was done that nothing lighter than 220 grn bullets be used as most of the 200 grn F/N's on the market would not hold together on game when shot through most of his Hand Cannons.  I wasn't able to afford the project, but every now and then it comes to mind and I wonder if it would have been worthwhile.

Any opinions, comments?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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