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This year I'm gonna use Factory Rem. 240gr. 2250 out of my 444P. I have just started working with 280gr beartooth's over 53 gr. of R7. 2375fps. I'm am dissappointed in my groups at 50 yds though. I will put 2 inside of an inch then aflier about 2 to 3 inches from it. Usually high. I let someone else try with the same result. My rifle has 25 shots of fire-lapping through it. When I switched to the factory rounds 1 inch and under are the norm at fifty yds. By the way my bullets are sized .432. I know this may not be much help but the guys at foreum had the same problem with some guide guns. When Marshall gets the load data out on the 300gr. and under bullets I'll try again before I go back to cast for good.

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