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Ok, guys, big question.  I am wondering about the safety of using my rifle load in a .444 handgun (BFR by Mag Research).  My question is this.  Will it be safe, considering the shorter barrel and my belief that all of the powder will not burn, and hence-forth not create dangerous pressure.  I currently load (thanks to all at beartooth for the load info) 56 grains of H335 with a 330 grain bullet.  Don't wory I am not in a rush to try this.

Jim E.

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Pressure safety shouldn't be an issue with the big new BFR, however, SHAZAM!, THE MUZZLE-FLASH!!!  You'll blind the critter before the bullet gets to him... kind of like legal spotlighting I guess! <!--emo&:D--><img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':D'><!--endemo-->

I would think that you'll have to totally re-think and develop your load for that big revolver.  I've not played with that application for the .444, but reason says that you'll need a much faster burning powder to make that critter perform.

Wish I had some data to share, perhaps others here might have some experience with the Contender or Encore guns with short barrels, that might give a starting point for your load development.  I'll watch and see your results with great interest!

God Bless,


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I had a 444 Marlin chambered Contender bbl 12" with the Muzzle Tamer.

I'd say to stay with the 4198 powders or say R7 as a starting point.

Bullet weight is up to you. I fired LBT WLN 320's out of mine and they were quite vicious on both ends of the gun. This was the heaviest bullet I tried and not at maximum loads.

This was my pre-chrono days so I'm sorry I don't have speeds for you.

This goes without saying that it is quite an inefficient round for use in a short handgun tube less than 14" in my opinion.

Just take it easy at first and yes, start a separate load development program for this gun. I say this because your cutoff point may be what you are comfortable with shooting rather than a "max" loading. And also what component combo works best for you out of the shorter tube.

In my opinion the 445 Super is a much more efficient round in the handguns and really represents all that can be had from .430" in one of the shorter tube guns.

Hey, have fun and let us know how you make out and hold on.


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     I don't have any useful advice to give on this matter, but it reminds me of the one time I had the displeasure of firing a .444 in a Contender. Back before we had ever heard of SSK, a gunsmith friend of mine back in Delaware got the bright idea to rechamber his 44 Mag contender barrel to 444. He "let" me fire it one time- he would've had to hold a gun on me to get me to fire it a second! I'm not a handgunning expert be any stretch, but that sucker hurt! Good luck with your project!    ID
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