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Finally got the chance to step outside with the new 444 let's call it 444 ilg .. improved lever gun ..with the action stretched and tightened up .. im sure I'm not the only one doing this .. the cartridges above are test loads using cci 200 primers being I'm almost out of the remington 9 1/2 s with no idea when they'll be available if ever again. . With loads reduced by two gr. of H 4198 velocity averaged 2267 fps . The rem 9 1/2 gave 2256 fps . with a 10 fps difference.
between the two primers I'll definitely work back up my load with the cci 200 primers.
Target is just over 2400 fps. From this 22 in. Barrel .balard rifling Remlin. . The five cartridges here below to show what the primers look like .. pressure looks medium to me with no flattening. . The two shots in the tree are of the hood of my truck at 118 yrds. After being board with the croni. I just had to take two long shots at something . The rings at the mouth of the five cartridges below I don't understand the dark ring . . I've never seen this before hopefully someone here has .. it looks almost as if there is a ring cut into the end of the chamber which makes no sense Wood Terrestrial plant Gas Ammunition Jewellery
Brown Wood Organism Trunk Plant
Office supplies Battery Ammunition Bullet Cylinder
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