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I picked up some partial boxes of 180gr and 200gr bullets at a gun show last weekend and would like to load some plinking loads for my 444 but can find no info on theese bullets can someone help I would like to use RL7 or H-335 powder since I have those on hand. If this is not a good Idea let me know I was thinking maybe they are to light for the 444 if so I will save them until I get my 44 mag bought please let me know thanks.

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Hello Furbis

I have been looking into light bullets in the .444 and have been collecting old articles,reviews,web info,etc and have built up a folder with a fair amount of .444 info.

200gn-225gn bullets Hercules reloader 7 (47.4) with lee 3,7 cc dipper @ 2200 f.p.s

180gn bullet Hercules 2400 (37) @2500f.p.s from a .444ss (from Guns review magazine 1993)

200gn bullet AA-1680 (56.5) @ 2650 f.p.s from .444s 22"

200gn bullet N110 (41.1) @ 2381 f.p.s
200gn bullet N110 (45) @ 2531 f.p.s
200gn bullet N120 (50.2) @ 2551 f.p.s
200gn bullet N120 (55.4) @ 2754 f.p.s

I believe that H-335 is too slow for such light bullets so the Reloader 7 looks good.

hope this has been of help

Regards Englander
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