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First, thanks for the articles - excellent info.  

I myself have the 45-70 Marlin, but much of what you write about is not necessarily directly related, but certainly related as to the type of firearm.

My question concerns the modified scope base that your are using.  As I understand it, you have cut off the last screw hole portion of the base to allow you to mount a reciever sight.  This does let you use a scope and reciever sight.  I am assuming from your further comments in the article that you seldom use a scope for hunting.

My question is, due to eyesight that is not as good as it was, I use a scope most of the time, but have occasions where I would like to use a reciever sight,  If I mount a scope to the base that uses only the three mounting screws, how much am I compromising the strength of the mount.  For the rings I have some Leupold OR rings to be used on a Weaver Mount.

I am concerned with the recoil shearing effect with heavy 45-70 loads.


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I just did the same thing on a .35 Rem so will be keeping an eye on this.  Although not a .45-70 it is pretty light with a synthetic stock and has a fair amount of recoil.

The biggest factor on the stress that scope mounts endure is probably the weight of the scope itself.  First line of defense it to find a lightweight scope.  I put a 2.5x Leupold Compact on my gun, it hardly weighs anything at all.  Needless to say a 6.5x20 with a 50mm objective would not be a good idea....

Also keep the screws tight, and use lock-tite on them.

I know marshall shot one heck of a pile of bullets for the load data in that article, some of them up to 400 grains, and used a scope for the groups.  So, off hand, I'd say that the arrangement is still pretty strong even minus one screw.

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Great reading !

All of it made perfect sense, even for someone like me, who is just now shopping for a big bore lever gun.

I will definetly go with the .444 Marlin over the 45-70.

I will also try that trick about using the lead shot on your shoulder to reduce flinch. I know exactly where your coming from there, because after shooting a .300WM a few times, I was flinching like I was having seizures.

Thanks for the great work you put into your article.
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