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I'd say BUY IT! First off, the 444P has been discontinued, and they are difficult to find. Secondly, you can handload that cartridge from 600 fps round ball loads all the way up to moose and grizzly stoppers. A nice load for your daughter would be a 240-265 grain bullet pushed along at around 1200-1300 fps. The 1-20" twist of the Outfitter model will stabilize your bullets very well at reduced velocites, and you'll have .44 magnum performance out of the rifle, that won't kick your daughter in the least, with the ported barrel. Then, as the need or desire arises, that rifle can be used to hunt anything North America has to offer.

Just because a Ferrari will go 220 mph, doesn't mean that it'll be driven that fast all the time. Same's true with the .444. It'll do the grizzly thing, but for most hunting, .44 mag equivilent loads will do about 85% of what you'll ever ask it to accomplish.

Buy the gun! It's relatively light, handles well, is short and managable. The porting will arrest the recoil factor regardless of the level of loads fired through it, and besides.... if you like it, what else needs be said? Also, they aren't making them anymore, and odds are, if you don't like it, you'll be able to get your money out of it most any time you want.

Food for thought.

God Bless,
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