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ok, I've read th first two parts of "444--america's most versatile.."   Not a hand loader so some of that stuff goes right over my head.  let's start with jacketed vs. cast bullets.   What are we talking about here.  I take it the factory loads are jacketed?   Are cast better or what?  Why?   Iam beginning to think I got in over my head with this gun.  I had no idea I would have to fire lap my gun to get it to shoot straight.  The performance with the std. factory loads is not satisfactory for my liking.  Groups are 3-4 inches at 100 yards with a scope.  It doesn't sound to me that a person like me should be fire lapping a gun without expert oversight, which I do not know of anyone with that expertise.   Now what do I do.   I like the gun but I am having trouble taking afield because I've never used a gun that was that inconsistent (had been using a 30-06, 760 gamemaster).   HELP
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