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Cochran: Don't sweat it if you don't get a reply right away. Probably means no one who's using a .444 has caught your post and /or has anything to offer.  I personally don't believe it's necessary to fire lap every barrel. But if it turns out you do I'm sure the kits supplied by Beartooth will have competent instructions. You will have to handload to do it or find a handloader who can help you.

Cast versus lead: cast bullets generally cost less for practice than jacketed.  Hardened cast bullets penetrate like crazy and leave the soft point jacketed  behind.  Cast bullets usually cause less damage to game meat  (some of the hollow point cast also cause pretty good amounts of bloodshot meat).

I'm a 45-70 fan not a .444 kind of guy.  Most of the principals are the same.

If you are an infrequent shooter it is hard to emphasize how much bench shooting technique can affect groups.  Try and sit in the same position for each shot, use the same amount of cheek pressure, same pullback into the shoulder. Some rifles like to be shot sitting on the front sandbag, some like to be held by the forward hand which is resting on the bag.  SQUEEZE that trigger rather than pull at it which I'm sure you know. Some rifles need to be tinkered with to remove pressure points that are inappropriate

Experiment a bit and if you're not happy use something that does suit you and/or your level of involvement. Regards. BCstocker
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