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The action of the winchester may stand the load but the rest of the rifle won't. I speak from experience. I bought a new timber carbine last spring. I put a lot of rounds through it. Mostly 250 gr. cast and 240 JHP's. At round count 450 it started to come apart. The stock cracked on both sides at the wrist. It started snapping(failed to fire)occasionally. The forend and barrel band slid forward 1/8". The dovetail that holds the magazine came loose under the barrel.
To winchester's credit, they replaced that rifle with a new one. I scoped it and killed 2 deer with it last fall. I plan to "baby" this one and only use it for hunting.
Recently I purchased a marlin 444P to use for hauling around and heavy plinking. I have put about 250 rounds through the marlin with no ill effects. It appears that it will go the long haul.  I sure hope so. WhenI take it out I usually shoot at least 50 rounds through it per session.
To me the winchester needs beefier stocks with better inletting(fitting) and tighter machining tolerances when fitting the forend cross bolts and dovetails.
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